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In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you encounter a number of recurring events that offer big rewards. One such event is the Photo Rally, which has you snap pictures in weird locations. Here is our guide listing all Downtown Photo Rally locations in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – all Downtown Photo Rally locations

Your work on Photo Rally begins early in the campaign, in Hawaii. However, it continues once you start exploring Yokohama. There is a separate branch you should visit whenever you complete an additional tour, located south of Jinnai Station Square. Most of the tours are every bit as involved as any you completed in Hawaii. In the Downtown district, you can find 15 locations to document.

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We’re listing all 15 locations below. For each location, we’ll provide brief written directions. We’re also including map screenshots, plus screenshots showing your characters standing near the target. Locations are listed in the order they are presented.

1. Private Sauna Shin Sen Kan

Private Sauna Shin Sen Kan Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Private Sauna Shin Sen Kan View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Find the Poppo store branch located on the corner of N Sakura River St. and W Tsurukame Hwy. Head around to the west side of that building, which faces the river. Proceed north along the street, watching the buildings to your right. Take a picture of the next building to the north, which has the long white sign and lettering.

2. Toku

Toku Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Toku View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You need to look along Hyakkei St. to find this one. The Hyakkei St. Entrance fast travel beacon is a short distance south of your destination. Travel north along the street, to where it intersects with a street to the west. Look west toward that street and photograph the high metal arch.

3. Kushikatsu Kadoya

Kushikatsu Kadoya Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Kushikatsu Kadoya View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Follow Yokohama Blvd. east from Kinka Pharmacy. Your destination is right near the Yokohama Blvd. Residental District fast travel beacon. Just head east a bit and keep an eye on the buildings to your right. The sign you need to photograph is on a building at the entrance to the short street leading south.

4. Julie’s Gearworks (Japan)

Julies Gearworks Japan Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Julie's Gearworks (japan) View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You should access this business fairly early after your return to Yokohama, which produces the Julie’s Gearworks (Japan) fast travel beacon. The building is situated along Central St., which you can follow southeast from Hello Work. Stand outside and take a picture of the logo on the bay door.

5. Takiyama’s Photos

Takiyamas Photos Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Takiyama's Photos View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

From the Hello Work building, travel west on W Central St. toward the fast travel beacon bearing that street’s name. As you walk, watch the south side of the street, which should be to your left. Just ahead of the intersection with E Tsurukame Alley to your right, you will spot the photography shop window display and sign.

6. Hello Work

Hello Work Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Hello Work View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You visited this building near the very start of the game. There is a fast travel beacon bearing its name, which can get you there in a hurry. Otherwise, look along the intersection where W Central St., E Central St., and Central Street converge. Snap a photo on the text near the stairs leading to the building’s entrance, over the parking garage.

7. Goblin Coffee

Goblin Coffee Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Goblin Coffee View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Goblin Coffee is located along W Tsurukame Hwy. on the north side. If you head west along the highway from where it meets Hyakkei St. (there is a handy fast travel beacon on that street, if you have activated it), you’ll spot the building on your right, just after the corner where Isobe Lane takes off to the north. You need to snap a photo of the banner above the gray awning.

8. Fairytale Pink Rabbit

Fairytale Pink Rabbit Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Fairytale Pink Rabbit View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The fastest way to arrive here is to make your way to the Love Magic Adult Shop, located on the east end of Romance St., not far south from Kasuga’s Apartment. As you face east (which is to your left as you approach from the apartment to the north), you’ll see the rabbit painted on the wall to your left. Take its picture.

9. Ryusei Stage Theater Rooftop

Ryusei Stage Theater Rooftop Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Ryusei Stage Theater Rooftop View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Make your way to Kasuga’s Apartment. On the upper level, just outside the front door leading inside, stand near the table and look out toward the signage along the balcony. You should see a prompt so you can take a photo.

10. Seagull Cinema

Seagull Cinema Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Seagull Cinema View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Look for Seagull Cinema along Ijin St. I like to head north from E Tsurukame Hwy. and watch the buildings to my right. It’s the first big attraction. Alternately, you can head south along the street from You Tian and keep an eye on buildings to the left. Either way, take a picture of the part of the building that extends over the poster display cases.

11. Hotel Bunny’s

Hotel Bunnys Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Hotel Bunny's View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Hotel Bunny’s is a large building that’s fairly difficult to miss if you’re paying attention to signs, but the precise spot you need to photograph can be difficult to find. If you have it available, I recommend that you fast travel to the Hyakkei St. Entrance beacon, near the south end of Hyakkei St. itself. Once you arrive, start north and watch the upper wall to the east. You should see the statue and sign.

12. Revenge Books

Revenge Books Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Revenge Books View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This is one of the easier photos to capture. Simply follow E Tsurukame Hwy. until it meets N Isezaki Rd. Positioned right on that corner, the store and its big sign are hard to miss. If you fast travel to the E Tsurukame Hwy. fast travel beacon, you’re basically there. Just start around the building to find the portion you need to photograph.

13. Old Mountain

Old Mountain Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Old Mountain View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The easiest way to capture this photograph is to follow N Isezaki Rd north until it comes to an end just ahead of Yokohama Blvd. Next, head west past Yoshinoya. The brown sign you need to photograph will be on the building to your left. You can also reach this area quickly if you fast travel to the Isezaki Rd. Entrance beacon. Just turn around after doing so and you’ll see your target.

14. Wette Kitchen Dinosaur

Wette Kitchen Dinosaur Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Wette Kitchen Dinosaur View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Wette Kitchen business is located near the intersection between N Isezaki Rd and Yokohama Blvd. Face the building and you’ll see the T-Rex and burger you need to photograph, above an entryway.

15. Isezaki Road

Isezaki Road Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Isezaki Road View
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Stand on the north end of Isezaki Road, just shy of where it meets Yokohama Blvd. Face south. There is a high sign promoting the street’s name, and you can take its photo. As you might expect, the sign is located a short distance east and south from the Isezaki Rd. Entrance fast travel beacon.

When you snap all of the required photos and show off your results at the local branch of Alo-Happy Tours, you receive the Rose Amore, a useful weapon that can befuddle your foes. How charming!

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