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In Portland, Oregon you can find Powell’s Books, a bookstore so enormous it’s can call itself, unironically, a “city of books.” The fine folks at Powell’s have put together a list of the best science fiction and fantasy of 2023. Here’s more from Powell’s City of Books:

Welcome readers, to the second of our Best Books of 2023 lists: Science Fiction & Fantasy! Absolutely an excuse for me to run up to booksellers — street-interview style — and demand to know their favorite world-building, magic-systems, and political messes (in SPACE!).

We’ve got Romantasy (petitioning Merriam-Webster to make this the word of the year); we’ve got veteran romantasy authors returning to beloved series to say “we’ve been doing this!“; we’ve got dragons and more dragons; love letters to books in cozy fantasy settings; unionized dolphins; cyberpunk thrillers about orbital elevators; series conclusions that stick the landing; we’ve got everyone’s favorite ornery SecUnit; we’ve got pirates, supervillains, fairytales, and more.

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