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Zengo Wallet launches the industry’s largest on-chain bounty: Hack our wallet, win 10 Bitcoin!

In an unprecedented move, Zengo wallet, the leading self-custodial wallet with no seed phrase vulnerability, launches the largest on-chain bounty in the industry by moving 10 Bitcoin (approx. $420,000) to one of its wallets. Zengo will even share some of the 3 security factors associated with the wallet’s recovery.

While many other Web3 companies manage bounty programs, they are generally not on-chain and require multiple reviews and approvals to win. This is different: No crypto wallet (hardware or software) has launched this type of on-chain challenge before.

Since its inception in 2018, Zengo has amassed over 1 million customers, with a flawless security record of zero hacks, zero drained wallets, and zero phishing incidents. This challenge is not just a testament to Zengo’s confidence in its security but also a groundbreaking initiative to demonstrate the robustness of its Multi-Party Computation (MPC) cryptography, a technology once reserved for institutions.

The #ZengoWalletChallenge is set to commence at 9AM EST on Tuesday, January 9th, and will run for 15 days. Zengo will strategically release security factors associated with the wallet’s recovery, intensifying the test of its wallet’s fortitude. Follow or participate by tracking updates on their blogpost or X / Twitter.

Challenge Mechanics:

  • Day 1: Public Bitcoin address of the Zengo wallet revealed with 1 BTC.
  • Day 6: An additional 4 BTC added along with the first security hint.
  • Day 13: The final 5 BTC added, totaling 10 Bitcoin, with the second security hint revealed.
  • Day 16: Challenge concludes with any winners or insights announced.

Zengo’s unique features, such as the absence of a single point of failure and a recovery process tied to the owner’s biometrics, set it apart from traditional hardware wallets. Six successful audits in five years further validate the wallet’s impervious nature.

Be sure to check out the Coin Bureau’s in-depth review of Zengo Wallet if you want to learn more about this revolutionary crypto storage solution.

Zengo encourages even those who partially succeed or attempt the challenge to reach out, with potential rewards for their efforts.

For more details and updates, participants and observers can follow Zengo on X (@Zengo) or email [email protected].

About Zengo Wallet:

Zengo Wallet, the most secure crypto wallet with no seed phrase since 2018, offers advanced self-custody and security features through Zengo Pro, setting a new standard in the industry. With a mission to provide unrivalled security and powered by MPC, Zengo continues to lead through innovation and dedication to safety.


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