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[PANAMA CITY, PANAMA] January 23, 2024 – Blueberry Protocol today announces the launch of its decentralized prime brokerage terminal, delivering industry-leading Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios of up to 20x for optimized on-chain trading and yield strategies. Blueberry is the first protocol to enable decentralized access to generalized leverage models with leverage on Ethereum and offers an increasing value opportunity with more sophisticated security management and higher leverage than traditional prime brokerage.

By merging innovative and transparent risk management instruments with an advanced leverage architecture, Blueberry aims to broaden accessibility, increase efficiency, and enhance profitability for a diverse range of DeFi users. Blueberry addresses the pressing need for enhanced risk management, accessibility, and efficiency in the DeFi space. The collapse of centralized exchanges in crypto, exemplified by collapses like Mt. Gox and FTX, underscores the urgency for decentralized solutions like Blueberry, emphasizing the importance of a robust, transparent, and secure DeFi ecosystem.

Blueberry Protocol targets DeFi funds and enterprise users aiming to scale rapidly through partnerships with organizations like Alchemix, OlympusDAO, Coral DeFi, Gauntlet, Gravita, and DYAD. Blueberry also launches with support from Chainlink, and backing from Bitscale and DeWhales, among others.

“Bitscale is excited by the launch of Blueberry Protocol,” says Zurab Kazhiloti, Co-Founder of Bitscale. “Blueberry addresses a crucial need for access to safe and secure loan-to-value ratios where the future of DeFi can be more fruitful.”

“At its core, Blueberry is a decentralized money market where anyone can supply tokens and earn yield as a function of borrower demand,” says Coral DeFi. “Blueberry allows borrowers to lever up for many strategies, whether that is yield arbitrage or leveraged farming T-bills. Through Blueberry, borrowers can leverage up to 10-50x their collateral. Buckle up, this is big.”

Blueberry uses a granular approach to risk management, providing visibility into the true risk of any loan and the calculation of the various risk factors. Blueberry Protocol brings maximum capital efficiency for high-yield passive lending with custom leveraged integrations for stablecoin assets.

Partnering with Gauntlet for simulations and leveraging decentralized prime brokerage principles, Blueberry prioritizes security and stability. Blueberry applies discretion to the set of actions a user may perform with borrowed funds in order to produce better terms for both lenders and borrowers on the protocol.

“We’re excited to embark on the mission to enable industry-leading Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios of up to 20x. You won’t find a better DeFi Prime Brokerage terminal,” says Slater Heil, CEO and Co-Founder of Blueberry Protocol. “This moment provides a unique opportunity to build the future of DeFi and deliver the most secure and optimized trading experience in Web3.”

Blueberry’s launch introduces the $BLB token using a make-and-burn model with an initial 60-day lock drop of $bdBLB (Bonded Blueberry) with accelerating unlock mechanisms over the first year with long-tail diminishing fees and penalties to unlock before the interim vesting year completes. The token will serve governance and functional purposes within the Blueberry DAO.

Moving forward, Blueberry plans to address liquidity scarcity across DeFi, offer secure trading and lending options with high yields, and serve as a hub for on-chain positions to increase leverage. Blueberry Protocol is where both the conservative whale and the high-stakes degen can find secure risk assessments for high-leverage loans.

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Blueberry is a decentralized prime brokerage platform built by Composable Corps, a development company with leadership experience from Zero1 Capital, Huobi, Tesseract, Credit Suisse, Kruse Western Group, and early Bitcoin. Blueberry empowers users to create leveraged strategies with specific risk parameters to maximize capital efficiency. Through its DeFi terminal, Blueberry provides unprecedented access to undercollateralized leverage, outperforming competitors in capital efficiency and flexibility. The first protocol connected to Blueberry is Bloom, which introduces permissionless RWA yields (TBYs) with natively yielding returns that disrupt traditional finance barriers.

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