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Clannad Filler List

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An anime series called Clannad aired from 4th October 2007 to 16th July 2008. Clannad broadcast 24 episodes in total.

Clannad has a moderate filler proportion of 21% with a total of 5 documented filler episodes.

The Japanese visual novel company Key’s Clannad serves as the basis for the animated television series Clannad.

The animation company Kyoto Animation created the episodes, which were written by Fumihiko Shimo and directed by Tatsuya Ishihara.

Kazumi Ikeda designed the characters, drawing inspiration from Itaru Hinoue’s original concept.

About Clannad

Tomoya Okazaki, a third-year delinquent at Hikarizaka Private High School, is followed in Clannad as he meets five females who encourage him to reevaluate what family means and reintegrate into society.

The majority of these young ladies are potential love partners, and each one has a branching plot that may take between 60 and 80 hours to finish.

The common theme of family unites the series’ broad plotlines. Characters’ motivations and dispositions are influenced by having or not having parents or siblings in their lives.

In some situations, the ensemble forms a kind of adopted family. In addition to the many supporting people Tomoya meets along the way, there are five primary female characters.

# Title Type Airdate
1 On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms Flutter Manga Canon 2007-10-04
2 The First Step Manga Canon 2007-10-11
3 Once Again After Crying Manga Canon 2007-10-18
4 Let’s Find Friends Manga Canon 2007-10-25
5 The Scenery With a Carving Manga Canon 2007-11-01
6 The Older and Younger Sister’s Founder’s Festival Manga Canon 2007-11-08
7 Star-Shaped Feelings Manga Canon 2007-11-15
8 The Wind That Vanishes Into Dusk Manga Canon 2007-11-22
9 Until the End of the Dream Manga Canon 2007-11-29
10 The Girl Genius’ Challenge Manga Canon 2007-12-06
11 The After School Rhapsody Manga Canon 2007-12-13
12 Hidden World Manga Canon 2007-12-20
13 Garden of Memories Filler 2008-01-10
14 Theory of Everything Filler 2008-01-17
15 Stuck Problem Manga Canon 2008-01-24
16 3 on 3 Filler 2008-01-31
17 A Room Without Anyone Filler 2008-02-07
18 Counter Measures Filler 2008-02-14
19 A New Life Manga Canon 2008-02-28
20 A Hidden Past Manga Canon 2008-03-06
21 Face Toward the School Festival Manga Canon 2008-03-13
22 Two Shadows Manga Canon 2008-03-20
23 The Events of Summer Holidays Manga Canon 2008-03-27
24 Another World: Tomoyo Chapter Manga Canon 2008-07-16

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