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How on earth have I never known about the Torque Test Channel? Similar to Project Farm, they comparison-test all sorts of power and hand tools.

In this video, they compare Knipex pliers wrenches against flare nut wrenches. They look at two Knipex pliers (Knipex Cobra and Knipex Pliers Wrench) and compare them against the performance of a Gearwrench flare nut wrench.

And the winner is…? A $26 Amazon Basics 3-pliers set? Pretty much. The shocker in this test is that, just for fun, they also introduce a 3-piece Amazon pliers set that is meant to be a clone of the $35 Knipex Cobra. That’s three pliers, so under $9 each. They find that the Amazon Basics performed surprisingly well and are perfect for light, periodic use. I immediately ordered a set.

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