Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Sales Surpass One Million – Mudcreep

Square Enix shared a sales milestone for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, revealing that the RPG has sold over one million units. That’s based on physical shipments and digital data.

A little over half of the sales for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince have come from Japan. At the end of December, it had sold around 500,000 copies physically in the region.

For those that need a refresher on the title, read the following overview:

Journey into a fantastical world on a quest for revenge in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince.

Psaro is cursed and is unable to harm anything with monster blood. Now, he must become a Monster Wrangler to create an army for battle.

The hunt for high-ranked monsters takes Psaro through the ever-changing seasons of Nadiria and its unique environments, with rivers of bubbling lava, mysterious ancient ruins, and soaring towers of cake. Along the way, Psaro meets the kind-hearted elf, Rose, who joins his adventure to seek out ever-stronger monsters.

The key to Psaro’s success lies with synthesis: the ability to combine two monsters and create a stronger offspring. Each new creation brings Psaro one step closer to his goal of becoming the Master of Monsterkind.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince has been on Switch since December 1, 2023. It’s out both physically and digitally now.

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