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Fate/stay Night Filler List

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An anime series called Fate/stay Night aired from 7th January 2006 to 17th June 2006. 24 episodes of Fate/Stay Night were broadcast.

Fate/stay night has a low filler rate of 13%, with a total of 3 reported filler episodes.

The visual novel Fate/Stay Night by Type-Moon served as the inspiration for the anime Fate/Stay Night.

Along with Geneon Entertainment, TBS, CREi, Type Moon, and Frontier Works, the Fate/Stay Night anime series was created by the Fate Project.

The series’ original soundtrack was written by Kenji Kawai. Yūji Yamaguchi directs the episodes of the Fate/Stay Night anime series, which are animated by Studio Deen.

About Fate/stay night

A conflict between two Servants in Fuyuki City causes destruction and engulfs the city in flames.

After ten years, Shirō Emiya, the only person who survived the devastation, dedicates his life to realizing his late adoptive father Kiritsugu’s dream of becoming a justice hero.

Using the magical abilities that Kiritsugu taught him, he readily assists with duties at his school and local businesses these days.

However, he is worried about the unexpected increase in violent crimes and deadly gas leaks in the city.

# Title Type Airdate
1 The First Day Manga Canon 2006-01-07
2 Fateful Night Manga Canon 2006-01-14
3 Opening Manga Canon 2006-01-21
4 The Strongest Enemy Manga Canon 2006-01-28
5 Two Magi (Part 1) Manga Canon 2006-02-04
6 Two Magi (Part 2) Filler 2006-02-11
7 Despicable Act Manga Canon 2006-02-18
8 Discordant Melody Manga Canon 2006-02-25
9 Moonlit Elegance Manga Canon 2006-03-04
10 A Peaceful Interlude Manga Canon 2006-03-11
11 Fresh Blood Temple (Blood Fort Andromeda) Manga Canon 2006-03-18
12 Tearing The Sky Manga Canon 2006-03-25
13 Winter Castle Manga Canon 2006-04-01
14 End of The Ideal Manga Canon 2006-04-08
15 The Twelve Trials Manga Canon 2006-04-15
16 The Sword of Promised Victory Manga Canon 2006-04-22
17 Branded As A Witch Filler 2006-04-29
18 Decisive Battle Filler 2006-05-06
19 The Golden King Manga Canon 2006-05-13
20 Distant Trace of a Dream Manga Canon 2006-05-20
21 The Star of Creation That Divided Heaven and Earth Manga Canon 2006-05-27
22 At The End of Wishes Manga Canon 2006-06-03
23 Holy Grail Manga Canon 2006-06-10
24 All Too Distant Utopia Manga Canon 2006-06-17

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