Finnair Prepares For Air Traffic Disruptions Caused By 48-hour Strikes In Finland – Mudcreep

Finnair is preparing for air traffic disruptions due to a 48-hour political industrial action announced by several trade unions in Finland on February 1-2, 2024. The airline anticipates a significant impact on its operations, resulting in flight cancellations affecting approximately 60,000 customers.

While Finnair has not yet altered its traffic programme for the specified dates, it is offering affected customers the option to reschedule their flights to avoid the strike period. Travellers with bookings between January 31 and February 3 can change their travel dates to an earlier or later date, up to March 15, 2024, depending on their ticket type.

Finnair will begin cancelling flights once the extent of the strike’s impact becomes clear and will communicate directly with affected customers. The airline aims to re-route customers to alternative flights and advises patience as customer service may face congestion during this period.

Disruptions in ground services, baggage handling, and catering are anticipated during the strike days, potentially affecting operations even in the days following the strike. Finnair expresses regret over the disruptions caused by the political industrial action unrelated to its operations and encourages affected customers to find suitable replacement flights in advance to minimise uncertainty in their travel plans.

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