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Food Wars! Filler List
Food Wars

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Episode List for Food Wars! (Aka Shokugeki no Soma)

An anime series called Food Wars! aired from 4th April 2015 to 26th September 2020. Food Wars! broadcast 26 episodes in all.

Reportedly, the anime series Food Wars! has no filler episode.

Directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani, the anime television series Food Wars! is produced by J.C. Staff.

In Japan, the series aired on TBS, with additional airings on CBC, MBS, BS-TBS, and Animax.

The series was broadcast with English subtitles to Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand, North Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, and the United States, via the video streaming site Crunchyroll.

The series was licensed by Sentai Filmworks for North American home video and digital release.

About Food Wars! (Aka Shokugeki no Soma)

For as long as he can remember, Souma Yukihira has been developing his cooking abilities with his father, Jouichirou.

He has spent years honing his culinary skills and developing inventive meals to wow customers as a sous chef at his father’s restaurant.

Souma aspires to become a better chef than his father and eventually take over the family business. However, when he learns that Jouichirou is closing the business to accept a position in New York, his plans take an unexpected turn.

# Title Type Airdate
1 An Endless Wilderness Manga Canon 2015-04-03
2 God’s Tongue Manga Canon 2015-04-10
3 That Chef That Doesn’t Smile Manga Canon 2015-04-17
4 Maria of the Polar Star Manga Canon 2015-04-24
5 The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm Manga Canon 2015-05-01
6 The Meat Invader Manga Canon 2015-05-08
7 A Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don Manga Canon 2015-05-15
8 Concerto of Ideas and Creation Manga Canon 2015-05-22
9 The Coating that Colors the Mountain Manga Canon 2015-05-29
10 The Supreme Recette Manga Canon 2015-06-05
11 The Magician that Came from the East Manga Canon 2015-06-12
12 Memories of a Dish Manga Canon 2015-06-19
13 The Eggs Before Dawn Manga Canon 2015-06-26
14 Metamorphose Manga Canon 2015-07-03
15 The Man Who was Called an “Asura” Manga Canon 2015-07-17
16 The Cook Who Has Traveled Thousands of Miles Manga Canon 2015-07-24
17 Sensual Karaage Manga Canon 2015-07-31
18 The Karaage of Youth Manga Canon 2015-08-08
19 The Chosen Ones Manga Canon 2015-08-14
20 The Dragon Lies Down and Ascends the Skies Manga Canon 2015-08-21
21 The Unknown Known Manga Canon 2015-08-28
22 Those Beyond Ordinary Manga Canon 2015-09-05
23 A Recital of Blossoming Individuals Manga Canon 2015-09-11
24 The Warriors’ Banquet Manga Canon 2015-09-25
25 That Which is Placed Within the Box Manga Canon 2016-07-02
26 Interplay of Light & Shadow Manga Canon 2016-07-09

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