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Hikaru no Go Filler List

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An anime series called Hikaru no Go aired from 10th October 2001 to 26th March 2003. Hikaru no Go broadcast 75 episodes in all.

Hikaru no Go has an extremely low filler proportion of 3%, with a total of 2 documented filler episodes.

The board game Go, which was created by Yumi Hotta and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, is the inspiration for Hikaru no Go.

You’re in for a treat if you’re a huge fan of “Hikaru no Go” and would want to enjoy it uniquely!

As Hikaru Shindou searches through his grandfather’s attic, he finds an antique go-board. When he touches it, an enigmatic voice greets him, and he quickly passes out.

As he comes, he finds that the voice is still there and that it is the ghost of an old go specialist named Sai Fujiwara no.

Sai, who taught to the Japanese Emperor during the Heian Period, has an enthusiasm for the game that surpasses space and time, enabling him to carry on playing it as a ghostly presence.

Sai plays the board game through Hikaru in an attempt to reach his ultimate aim of mastering a heavenly go method that no player has yet to grasp.

# Title Type Airdate
1 Eternal Rivals Manga Canon 2001-10-10
2 The Key Point Manga Canon 2001-10-17
3 Akira Bares His Fangs Manga Canon 2001-10-24
4 Kaga of the Shogi Club Manga Canon 2001-10-31
5 An Inkling of an Awakening Manga Canon 2001-11-07
6 A Game of Beauty Manga Canon 2001-11-14
7 I’m Not Going to Play You Manga Canon 2001-11-21
8 Rainy Day Strategy Manga Canon 2001-11-28
9 Eyesore Manga Canon 2001-12-05
10 The Third Player Manga Canon 2001-12-12
11 A Very Despicable Act Manga Canon 2001-12-19
12 No Cheating Allowed Manga Canon 2002-01-02
13 A Personal Resolve Manga Canon 2002-01-09
14 The Third Match Manga Canon 2002-01-16
15 The Ghost in the Net Manga Canon 2002-01-23
16 Who Is Sai? Manga Canon 2002-01-30
17 Déjà Vu Manga Canon 2002-02-06
18 Akira vs. Sai Manga Canon 2002-02-13
19 Hikaru’s True Strength Manga Canon 2002-02-20
20 The Road to Turning Pro Manga Canon 2002-02-27
21 The Haze Middle School Go Club Manga Canon 2002-03-06
22 The Insei Test Manga Canon 2002-03-13
23 The Championship Room Manga Canon 2002-03-20
24 Akira vs. The Oza Manga Canon 2002-03-27
25 Fear and Impatience Manga Canon 2002-04-03
26 Welcome to the A-League Manga Canon 2002-04-10
27 A Place to Return Manga Canon 2002-04-17
28 The Young Lion’s Tournament Manga Canon 2002-04-24
29 Kuwabara Hon’inbo Manga Canon 2002-05-01
30 Ogata vs. The Hon’inbo Manga Canon 2002-05-08
31 The Awful Opponent Manga Canon 2002-05-15
32 The Last Day of the Prelims Manga Canon 2002-05-22
33 We’re A Team Manga Canon 2002-05-29
34 No Winning Allowed Manga Canon 2002-06-05
35 Only One Can Win Manga Canon 2002-06-12
36 My Name Is… Manga Canon 2002-06-19
37 The Pro Exam Begins Manga Canon 2002-06-26
38 The Challengers Manga Canon 2002-07-03
39 An Ill-Fated Moment Manga Canon 2002-07-10
40 Where Are The Victories? Manga Canon 2002-07-17
41 Three Weeks isn’t Enough! Manga Canon 2002-07-24
42 The First to Pass Manga Canon 2002-07-31
43 Hikaru vs. Waya Manga Canon 2002-08-07
44 Comeback From the Brink Manga Canon 2002-08-14
45 Hikaru vs. Ochi Manga Canon 2002-08-21
46 The Final Day of the Pro Exam Manga Canon 2002-08-28
47 Into The World Of the Pros Manga Canon 2002-09-04
48 Sai Vs. Meijin Manga Canon 2002-09-11
49 A Game of Desperate Measures Manga Canon 2002-09-18
50 Fujiwara-No-Sai Manga Canon 2002-09-25
51 Kurata 6-Dan Manga Canon 2002-10-02
52 Hikaru Vs. Akira Manga Canon 2002-10-09
53 The Acknowledgment of Sai Manga Canon 2002-10-16
54 The Excitement Mounts Manga Canon 2002-10-23
55 Sai Vs. Koyo Toya Manga Canon 2002-10-30
56 After A Millennium Comes The Answer! Manga Canon 2002-11-06
57 Let Me Play Sai! Manga Canon 2002-11-13
58 One-Color Go Manga Canon 2002-11-20
59 Koyo Toya Retires! Manga Canon 2002-11-27
60 Farewell Hikaru Manga Canon 2002-12-04
61 Is Sai Really Gone? Manga Canon 2002-12-11
62 Hiroshima’s Top Player Manga Canon 2002-12-18
63 I’m Never Gonna Play Again! Manga Canon 2002-12-25
64 Keicho Flower Bowls FILLER 2003-01-08
65 Isumi no Go MIXED CANON/FILLER 2003-01-15
66 Fateful Encounter FILLER 2003-01-22
67 Isumi’s Test MIXED CANON/FILLER 2003-01-29
68 Losing By Default Manga Canon 2003-02-05
69 A Determined Visitor Manga Canon 2003-02-12
70 Sai Was Here Manga Canon 2003-02-19
71 Making A Comeback Manga Canon 2003-02-26
72 The Race is On Manga Canon 2003-03-05
73 Shindo vs. Toya Manga Canon 2003-03-12
74 The Power Within Manga Canon 2003-03-19
75 A Nostalgic Smile Manga Canon 2003-03-26

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