How Makes Global E-commerce Distribution Easy With Dematic WMS – Mudcreep

Learn about Boohoo’s online success, growing from a small online startup to a global fashion powerhouse with presence in more than 190 countries.

As an online apparel retailer, Boohoo has leaned on Dematic WMS to increase success in their highly competitive market. Profitability across the challenges of returns, SKU proliferation, seasonality, and growing e-commerce demand is complex and difficult for every retailer with an online presence. When Boohoo partnered with Dematic, discontinuing their use of one of the largest warehouse management system providers in the world, they were able to gain efficiencies quickly. After a speedy implementation they soon experienced greater control and visibility over their inventory and were able to introduce user-friendly software to support their operational team. 

Watch this candid interview with Boohoo’s supply chain leader on how the implementation of Dematic WMS streamlined their warehousing business, helping them to exceed distribution targets and position them for even greater success going into 2024.

Please CLICK HERE to watch the webinar.

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