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If you’ve just started building your base out in Palworld, you may have noticed that some of your trusty workers have the Weakened status effect. And this is a nasty infliciton that won’t go away on its own. Here’s how you can cure Weakened in Palworld.

Curing the Weakened status in Palworld

Unfortunately, the Weakened status effect will not go away on its own in Palworld. It is a permanent part of whoever has it until you use a specific item to treat it. And the annoying part is that this item isn’t something you can get immediately. To get it, we need to unlock the Medieval Medicine Workbench. This is located on the 12th level of the Technology tree and costs two points. Then simply craft High Grade Medical Supplies which costs 5 Ingots, 5 Horns, and 2 Bones. Then you can just use it on whoever is Weakened.

Palworld Medieval Workbench Tech Tree
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’ve done this the Pal should be cleansed of their weakened state and get back to working at peak efficiency in Palworld. Of course, this isn’t necessarily permanent and Pals can always contract this status effect again.

How to avoid the Weakened effect

The Weakened effect is a hard status to purposely avoid in Palworld since it can occur whenever you aren’t paying attention to your Pals. Almost any form of neglect can build up and eventually cause them to be Weakened. Be it starvation, a lack of attention, sleepiness, or whatever other negative effect there is. All of these can play into it. And when you’re off adventuring or staring at crafting menus it can be tricky to always stay focused on your workforce.

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The best way to avoid Weakened in Palworld is to pay attention to your Pals needs and keep your base stocked up with beds and food. Be sure to also give them a pet every now and then. It’s a great way to keep morale up in camp especially when you’ve got them all working on a new line of weaponry. But even if you have some Pals that become Weakened, you can always use High Grade Medical Supplies to heal them.

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