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Some writers say that picking your favorite stories is a lot like picking your favorite children. I don’t have kids, just cars and cats; neither know enough English to hold me accountable, so I can be as reckless with my labels as I like. And as it turned out, picking my top five stories from 2023 turned out to be pretty darned easy too, because I did a few insanely fun things this year that I had the privilege of sharing with all of you. May the holidays bring you joy and comfort, and I hope you’ll join us for more in 2024. 

Prodrive P25 First Drive Review: Your video game fantasy brought to life

This restomod Subaru is every Gran Turismo player’s dream come true. It may look like a 22B on the outside, but this carbon-wrapped beast is no antique. 


Honda Motocompacto Review: Maybe you’ve ridden a desk, how about a briefcase?

This wasn’t a drive, but a ride, and even by that measure it was still unconventional. Honda’s little pack-away scooter is sleek and surprisingly fun. More than a few Honda geeks will be opening one of these during the holidays, I suspect. And hey, even if this isn’t your normal thing, you can point and laugh at me riding a scooter. 

Honda CR-V vs Kia Sportage: Compact hybrid SUV comparison test

Look, they can’t all be 450-horsepower Subarus (and that’s OK). John and I managed to make our own fun driving these two hybrid crossovers through Ann Arbor, MIch., during what turned out to be move-in week. We couldn’t have scripted a better environment, really, and the results were closer than you might expect. 

Camaro 6: The best car we never loved?

This wasn’t a drive, but it was a trip down memory lane. The 6th-gen Camaro was an amazing performance car that never really managed to capture the attention of American car buyers. Even as much as we liked it, we never really loved it. I try to explain why. 

2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing tackles ‘trackcross’: PTM is life

For this one, I step away from the test cars and into one of my personal vehicles. This was my first “track” day in my own Blackwing and my first event like it in many years. Time to blow the cobwebs out. 

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