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My Hero Academia Films Filler List
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An anime series called My Hero Academia Films began airing in 2018. There have been 3 My Hero Academia Films episodes shown thus far.

My Hero Academia Films has a relatively high filler proportion of 67% with a total of 2 reported episodes.

August 6, 2023, saw the announcement of a fourth animated film. The movie will be based on the parallel storyline of the anime series’ 6th season. The debut is scheduled for Q3 2024.

The first movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, is a unique tale that takes place following the events of the manga’s “Final Exam” arc.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, the second movie, is set after the manga’s “Meta Liberation Army” storyline.

About My Hero Academia Films

Izuku has always wanted to be a hero, which is a great ambition for anybody to have, but it’s particularly difficult for a young child without abilities.

Indeed, in a world where 80% of people possess some sort of superhuman “quirk,” Izuku was unfortunate enough to have a regular birth. However, it doesn’t deter him from applying to one of the most prominent hero academies in the world.

# Title Type Airdate
1 Two Heroes Anime Canon 2018-08-03
2 Heroes Rising Filler 2019-12-20
3 World Heroes’ Mission Filler 2021-08-06

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