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Myths of Moonrise guides: Myths of Moonrise is an engaging role-playing game developed by Star Fortune for Android and iOS devices. In this epic adventure, players must unite the races, rebuild their homeland, and eliminate the Fallen invaders. PVP battles are a crucial aspect of the game, allowing players to showcase their personal strength and dominate their opponents. To excel in PVP gameplay, strategy and planning are key. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various elements that every Lord needs to pay attention to in PVP battles, including troop preparation, attribute bonuses, hospital capacity, bonus items, battle tactics, post-battle strategies, and much more.

Troop Preparation

  1. Training High-Tier Troops: Upgrade troop camps on your Manor grounds to unlock higher-tier troops and train more of them.
  2. Upgrading the Barracks: Increase the number of troops trained in one go and reduce training time.
  3. Increasing Marching Queues: Unlock additional marching queues to increase your marching capacity.
  4. Tech Research, Lord Talents, and Hero Skills: Enhance marching capacity through various researches and talents.
  5. Attribute Bonus: Focus on enhancing the quality (attributes) of your armies using research, talents, gear, crystals, gems, glyphs, and honor buildings.
  6. Hospital Capacity: Maximize the level of your hospitals, build as many as possible, and promptly heal wounded troops to minimize casualties.

Bonus Items and Preparation

  1. Attack/Defense Bonuses: Prepare sufficient attack/defense bonuses to enhance your troops’ performance.
  2. Troop Expansion Items: Increase your marching capacity with troop expansion items.
  3. Resources and Speedup Items: Gather various resources and speedup items for training and dispatching troops efficiently.
  4. Anti-Scouts and Mana Shields: Protect your plans by using anti-scouts and mana shields.

During the Battle

  1. Scout the Enemy: Scout the opponent’s Manor or troops before committing to an attack to gauge the strength of their army.
  2. Utilize Lord Talents: Activate Lord Talents and the active skill Field Aid to turn dying troops into wounded ones, reducing casualties.
  3. Manage Marching Speed: Speed up marching or recall your troops using diamonds or the army recall item.

Post-Battle Strategies

  1. Healing Wounded Troops: Promptly heal wounded troops in hospitals to recover power.
  2. Defensive Measures: Use Mana Shields or Anti-scout items to protect against counter-attacks and maintain security.
  3. Reinforcements: Request reinforcement from allies to safeguard your Manor from invaders.

Unlocking the Powers of Saintess Selena

  1. Interacting with Selena: Upgrade the Shrine to increase daily interactions with Saintess Selena and receive rewards such as speed-ups.
  2. Upgrading Selena: Use Saintess EXP items to level up Selena, unlock more skills, and gain military/domestic attribute bonuses.
  3. Domestic Skills: Increase gathering and building speeds, and research technology faster.
  4. Military Skills: Enhance attack, HP attributes, and march capacity.
  5. Skill Reset: Reset unwanted skills using the Saintess Skill reset item.

Exploring the World Map

  1. Attacking the Fallen: Engage in battles with the Fallen on the map for various rewards.
  2. Rally against Quillas: Form alliances to defeat Quillas of different levels and obtain rewards.
  3. Gathering Resources: Dispatch troops to gather resources from different points on the world map.
  4. Ancient Ruins: Explore Ancient Ruins for rewards and the ability to hide troops during conflicts.
  5. Perform PVP Actions: Attack other players’ Manors, plunder their resources, and rally allies for assistance.

Tips on Manor Development

  1. Clearing Journey Chapters: Complete chapters in the Journey system to receive speed-up items and utilize Elimination Tokens for quick rewards.
  2. Join an Active Alliance: Joining an alliance allows members to help reduce building time and access alliance tech benefits.
  3. Lord Talents: Economy Category: Invest in the economy category of Lord Talents to reduce building and upgrade times.
  4. Unlock and Strengthen Domestic Heroes: Utilize domestic heroes with talents that reduce building time.
  5. Technology Research: Focus on development-building technology research to speed up construction processes.
  6. Saintess Attribute Bonuses: Upgrade Saintess’ domestic skills to shorten construction time.

Myths of Moonrise Hero Upgrade

  1. Breakthroughs: Upgrade heroes to increase their attributes, battle power, and overall effectiveness.
  2. Hero Level Upgrade: Use Elixirs to increase the hero’s level and unlock additional abilities.
  3. Elixirs Acquisition: Obtain Elixirs through various means or use Elixir items directly.

Tips on Explorer Journey

  1. Understanding Match-Three Battles: Match puzzle pieces corresponding to the hero’s colors, considering the restraint relationships between different colors.
  2. Action Points: Each challenge requires Action Points, which are not refunded if failed or abandoned midway.
  3. Accumulating Rage: Match puzzle pieces to accumulate hero rage and use skills strategically.
  4. Hero Positioning and Buff Skills: Pay attention to hero positioning and prioritize buff skills before damage skills.
  5. Timing Attacks: Match puzzle pieces away from attacking monsters to maximize rage accumulation and skill readiness.
  6. Target Selection: Choose priority targets for skills by clicking on monsters.


In Myths of Moonrise, PVP battles are an integral part of the gameplay experience. By following the strategies and tips outlined in this comprehensive guide, players can enhance their PVP performance, strengthen their Manor, and achieve victory against the Fallen invaders. Remember to focus on troop preparation, utilize bonus items, implement effective battle tactics, and employ post-battle strategies to maximize success. Additionally, harness the powers of Saintess Selena, explore the world map, and prioritize Manor development for a well-rounded gameplay experience. With these insights, you are well-equipped to embark on an exciting journey of dominance and triumph in Myths of Moonrise.

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