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Negima!? Filler List

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An anime series called Negima! OVAs lasted from 2008 to 2011. Negima! OVAs broadcast 9 episodes in all.

Reportedly, the anime series Negima! OVA does not have any filler episodes.

Negima! is an anime series for television made by Shaft. This is a different version of the Negima! Magister Negi Magi story.

Akiyuki Shinbo is the director of the anime series Negima!

About Negima! OVAs

Negi Springfield, ten years old, is a wizard-in-training who needs to pass one more exam to advance to the rank of Master Wizard.

Regretfully, Negi Springfield has been assigned an odd last task: teaching English in a boarding school for girls only.

Asuna Kagurazaka, one of his students, is very embarrassed by him as soon as he appears, and she becomes enraged because he replaces her favorite instructor.

To exacerbate the situation, Asuna Kagurazaka discovers that Negi Springfield is a wizard and swears to reveal this information unless he assists her. With plenty of humor, magic, and romance tossed in, they are unhappily forced to work together to accomplish a variety of tasks, from battling wicked wizards to assisting the class in passing their final test.

# Title Type Airdate
1 Ala Alba (Shiroki Tsubasa) Episode 1 Manga Canon 2008-08-12
2 Ala Alba (Shiroki Tsubasa) Episode 2 Manga Canon 2008-11-17
3 Ala Alba (Shiroki Tsubasa) Episode 3 Manga Canon 2009-02-17
4 Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Episode 1 Destroyed? Negi Party! Manga Canon 2009-09-17
5 Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Episode 2 We’ll look for my friends! Manga Canon 2009-11-17
6 Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Episode 3 The birth of a new teacher and student duo Manga Canon 2010-05-17
7 Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Episode 4 Road of the father, or the way of the teacher? Manga Canon 2010-08-17
8 Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Episode 5 (extra) Magical Girl Yue Manga Canon 2010-11-17
9 Negima Anime FINAL Anime Canon 2011-08-27

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