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Isekai Onsen Paradise Anime Revealed Characters

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Isekai Onsen Paradise Anime is also referred to as ‘Meitō “Isekai no Yu” Kaitaku-ki!’ Isekai Onsen Paradise Anime centers on the fascinating travels and experiences of a hot spring fan.

Reincarnating in a paradise of hot springs is undoubtedly among the most unique reincarnations we have seen in isekai anime. Before the anime premieres, scroll down to get more details.

The official trailer for the anime Meitō “Isekai no Yu” Kaitaku-ki was uploaded on the anime’s official website. On January 11, 2024, the television anime will make its debut.

The GuilDrops theme song “Baby love! Baby please!” and the character voices are teased in the promotional trailer.

The voices of the main characters, Yoshizo, Mayudama, Rirumu, and Ohendeku, are heard in the official trailer. After then, the PV only shows these people having fun in the hot springs.

Here’s what we know so far!!

In these projects, VTubers Ria Koito and Kyōko Kuramochi are acting as voice actors for the first time. The details of main cast of Isekai Onsen Paradise anime are mentioned below:

Character Cast Other Works
Komachi Mariko Miyase Don’t Call Us A JUNK GAME!  (Louise)
Mayudama Marie Miyake Hitori no Shita (Lo Ryu)
Ōhendeku Kyōko Kuramochi Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It. r=1-sinθ (Himuro’s mother)
Ririumu Ria Koito
Ruirui Akari Miyazaki Mitchiri Wanko! Anima~tion (Lucky)
Yoshizō Yukawa Shōhei Tokiwa AMAZING STRANGER (Clerk A)

The details of the main staff of Isekai Onsen Paradise anime are mentioned below:

  • Art Director: Masakazu Miyake
  • Art Setting: Satoru Hirayanagi
  • Character Designer: Minori Homura
  • Color Key Artist: Fuyuto Muraguchi
  • Compositing Director of Photography: Masaya Sakano
  • Director: Tomonori Mine
  • Editing: Nao Kawakami
  • Music Production: YAB EntertainMent
  • Script Writer: Yōhei Kashii

About Isekai Onsen Paradise

Yoshizō Yukawa, a passionate hot spring enthusiast, is the main character of the story. He discovers secret springs that help boost the local economy.

However, an inari deity of harvest at a little shrine tucked in the rocks saves him when he falls over a cliff and transports him to another realm.

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