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Once upon a time, the phrase «USB over Ethernet» would have seemed strange since USB ports were used for plugging in and Ethernet for networking. But today, USB over Ethernet structures, including USB over Ethernet extenders and the USBoNET digital solution, provide shared access to devices (printers, scanners, webcams, etc.) over a network or internet. We will tell Nija about the advantages of USBoNET and its application areas.

Basic functionality of USBoNET

USBoNet is an effective solution for local systems. Such a program that allows you to use usb over internet will provide free access to every participant in your project. Other features of the software are worth noting:

  • Gate mode: one of the most advanced options that allows you to adjust security settings and share equipment connected through USB 3.0 over Ethernet. This mode allows you to select the optimal firewall parameters by activating the Can be relayed function. This way, you can bypass NAT and work with devices outside the local network.
  • Web administration: a web administration management system allows administrators to monitor every connection remotely. The online dashboard will let you watch critical parameters, including device status, USB resources used, and activity monitoring.
  • Isolation: this option allows administrators to protect USB ports for different devices. If you constantly monitor access to individual portals, then sensitive devices, including encryption keys and biometric scanners, will be safe.

Unlike many other remote access systems, USBoNET allows you to work with multiple USB devices in parallel. Host and client PCs can use many shared resources, such as webcams, scanners, disks, etc.

Benefits of USBoNET

USBoNET makes USB sharing easier for administrators and regular users. The installation process is as fast and straightforward as possible on local and remote PCs. Let’s consider other advantages of the system:

  • Versatility of use: whether you are a graphic designer or a computer engineer, USBoNET can help you connect any specialized tools.
  • Optimal security: advanced encryption methods that use USB redirection service ensure information security.
  • User-friendly interface: the convenient design of USBoNET guarantees a smooth data exchange procedure and quick access to USB devices.
  • Perfect compatibility: the software easily adapts to different USB categories, from USB 3.0 over Ethernet to USB C over Ethernet.

From flash drives to smartphones, webcams to audio systems, external hard drives to printers, you can connect different devices to a USB port, and USBoNET can easily share them.

Areas of application of USBoNET

USBoNET, with its long list of features, is a valuable tool for users in different industries. Let’s look at a few examples where the benefits of USBoNET can be enormous:

  • Remote IT teams: just imagine a multinational corporation with divisions in Washington, Beijing and London. Their IT team, which is based in Toronto, can use USBoNET to ensure equipment is running correctly, USB devices are updated, and routine maintenance is performed without visiting the office.
  • Educational institutions: universities with different branches should also implement USBoNET. A teacher at a university in San Francisco can access and work with information from a specialized USB tool located in a building in Boston. All this happens in real-time.
  • Retail: retailers with locations in different regions can add USBoNET to enable simultaneous updates to their USB POS systems from headquarters to avoid differences in software performance and promotions.

These examples show the versatility and multi-functionality of using USBoNET in different industries and scenarios.

Future trends

Interestingly, USB technology continues to evolve rapidly to reach the pinnacle of adaptability, sustainability, and unwavering innovation. Let’s think about what the future might hold:

  • Integration with modern technologies: new technologies come onto the scene yearly, including augmented reality, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, etc. Good adaptive capabilities allow USB to keep up with the times and look for ways to integrate with new technologies and improve them.
  • Expanded inclusion: inclusion is a core concern in our diverse and interconnected world. In its future iterations, USB technology promises to be universal to ensure that equipment from different manufacturers with different capabilities can successfully synchronize and communicate.

USBoNET is not just another popular tool on the market. It is a comprehensive structure that easily adapts to the unique requirements of different activities. Given its enormous potential and accurate understanding of modern standards, it is natural that when professionals look for unique opportunities, USBoNET becomes their optimal solution.

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