Rec Room Will Get Full Body Avatars In March – Mudcreep

Rec Room is getting full body avatars in March.

Full body avatars will be an optional alternative to Rec Room’s current avatars, which only feature a head, torso, and hands.

At launch full body avatars will only be available for level 50 players, and Rec Room says it will lower this requirement over time as they test the implementation and sort out any bugs before a wider release.

Competitor VRChat has supported full body avatars driven by body tracking hardware for many years now, while Meta’s Horizon Worlds added full bodies back in August.

While Rec Room originally announced that full body avatars will support body tracking on SteamVR, such as via strapping on 3 or more Vive Trackers, the company now says that won’t be available at launch. There’s also no word on whether Quest 3’s new inside-out upper body tracking will be supported.

For now, Rec Room full bodies will be driven with inverse kinematics (IK), meaning the system will estimate the likely positions of your limbs based on the position of your head and hands.

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