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Shoshimin Anime Releases the First PV

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Many have become huge fans of the light novel Shoshimin, and they have been expecting the anime version with great enthusiasm. Their patience has now paid off, as the official release date has been announced.

On Friday, January 12, 2024, the Japanese broadcast network TV Asahi made an exciting announcement. It stated that a Shoshimin anime based on the mystery books of the same name will debut in July 2024.

The Japanese title of the anime is “Shōshimin Series,” whereas the English title is “How to Become Ordinary” in the visual.

Our two major characters, Jōgorō Kobato and Yuki Osanai, are shown as high school students at the beginning of the one-minute trailer. In addition, the teaser shows the two of them investigating a mystery.

Here’s what we know so far!!

The first and second volumes of the light novel series will be adapted for anime.

Food poisoning during a school event is the subject of the first volume, Shunki Gentei Ichigo Tart Jiken (The Case of the Springtime Limited Edition Strawberry Tart).

The case of a missing person that takes place at a tropical island resort is the focus of the second volume, Kaki Gentei Tropical Parfait Jiken (The Case of the Summertime Limited Edition Tropical Parfait).

Staff and Cast members of the anime

The anime will be produced by Studio Lapin Track. The following staff members are included:

Position Staff Other Works
Director Mamoru Kanbe The Promised Neverland
Script Supervisor Toshiya Ono Shadows House
Character Design Atsushi Saitō Black Fox
Music Composer Takahiro Obata Cinderella Nine

This is the list of the main voice cast members who have been revealed:

Character Cast Other Works
Jōgorō Kobato Shūichirō Umeda Bird Kazami (Beyblade X)
Yuki Osanai Hina Yomiya Shinju Inui (My Dress-Up Darling)

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