SWISS Reliably Transported More Than Half A Million Passengers Over The Christmas And New Year Period – Mudcreep

SWISS International Airlines successfully transported over half a million passengers during the Christmas and New Year period, marking a 16% increase compared to the previous year. Despite challenging weather conditions and a notable number of sickness-related absences among staff, SWISS operated nearly 99% of its flights as scheduled, with a schedule stability of 98.5%. This performance reflects a slight decrease compared to the previous year’s stability of 99.4%.

The airline faced weather-related challenges including snow, wind, and frost, resulting in delays and 58 flight cancellations. Approximately 17% of flights arrived with delays exceeding 30 minutes, while 58% of departures were on time, taking off within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. SWISS emphasised prioritising schedule stability during this period, understanding the importance of ensuring passengers reach their destinations, particularly during the festive season.

Oliver Buchhofer, SWISS Head of Operations, expressed appreciation for the dedication of SWISS employees and partners in managing operations both in the air and on the ground during these demanding weeks. The airline reiterated its commitment to improving flight punctuality, having previously announced measures aimed at enhancing this aspect of its service.

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