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In a recent development, an alleged transaction involving roughly $15 billion in Ripple (XRP) failed to go through as planned, revealing a “Partial Payments Exploit” attempt. Bitfinex, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, became the focus of this foiled attack. In other news, investors are paying increased attention to crypto projects InQubeta (QUBE) and Arbitrum (ARB). These tokens are showing a positive outlook in the market.

InQubeta is gaining traction in the market with its feature of minting investment opportunities into NFTs. Its range of services has revolutionized the industry, propelling it as the best crypto to buy in 2024. Meanwhile, despite recent drops, Arbitrum’s growth in daily transactions and monthly revenue has been impressive.

This article explores InQubeta and Arbitrum as they show a bullish outlook amidst the Ripple effect of a vast $15 billion XRP transfer.

InQubeta (QUBE): Facilitating Fractional Investment In AI Startups.

InQubeta, a new DeFi crypto, has been attracting attention by introducing the first-ever crypto crowdfunding platform which facilitates fractional investment in AI startups through QUBE tokens. QUBE, a deflationary ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, powers this innovative platform to transform how AI startups secure funding and interact with their community.

The QUBE integration of NFTs adds to what is driving its bullish outlook in the market. Each investment opportunity is minted into an NFT and fractionalized, enabling budget-friendly investments with the perks of early backing. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace empowers AI startups to raise funds by offering reward and equity-based NFTs. Meanwhile, QUBE token holders can effortlessly invest in projects, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem for both parties.

QUBE, functioning as a deflationary token, presents a distinctive investment avenue boosting its optimistic outlook for crypto enthusiasts seeking the best crypto to buy for portfolio diversification. With a 2% tax on buying and selling sent directly to a burning wallet and a 5% tax contributing to a designated reward pool, QUBE holders can earn rewards by staking their tokens. This dynamic makes QUBE an appealing investment choice for those bullish on the future potential of AI technology startups.

Another feature fueling QUBE’s bullish outlook is its serving as a governance token. This new DeFi crypto enables holders to engage in the platform’s decision-making. As governance participants, QUBE holders can suggest, deliberate, and vote on the platform’s evolution, functioning, and strategic direction.


Ripple (XRP): Paolo Ardoino Reveals Failed $15 Billion XRP Transaction Attempt

Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of Bitfinex, claims that an attacker tried but could not take advantage of Ripple’s partial payments functionality to attack the cryptocurrency exchange. This transaction, totalling around $15 billion in XRP, involved an attempt for the sum to be sent from an unidentified wallet to Bitfinex, although it was unsuccessful. The incident has gained attention in the aftermath of the SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF looms, coinciding with heightened scrutiny on cryptocurrency security. 

X (formerly Twitter) account Whale Alert first brought attention to the transfer when it reported seeing a transaction of 25.6 billion XRP from an unidentified wallet to Bitfinex. The message was later removed, though, and Whale Alert said there was “an issue with properly reading the Ripple node response, resulting in a few wrong posts.”

Arbitrum (ARB): Crypto Tonny Offers His Optimistic Outlook.

Arbitrum, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has seen significant growth in 2023. Its native coin, ARB, has recently shown a bullish trend, rising by more than 68% in the last month alone. Despite recent bearish moves, this upward trend shows a positive outlook for ARB’s future.

Arbitrum has recently gained traction, with major cryptocurrency analysts taking notice. Crypto Tonny, a well-known figure, has offered his optimistic outlook for this Ethereum Layer 2 solution. He anticipates that ARB’s value will rise significantly very soon. This follows the token’s recent high of $1.74, which is promising for investors and enthusiasts.


The recent incident of a failed $15 billion XRP partial payment exploit trends amidst the aftermath of the SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF. Meanwhile, InQubeta and Arbitrum show a positive outlook within the market. InQubeta’s innovative features, such as its NFT marketplace and governance token, make it an appealing crypto investment platform. Investors who see the future in AI are taking advantage of what QUBE presents. Seize the moment by acquiring QUBE tokens by clicking on the link below.

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