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The movie Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg shows how big of a deal the franchise is in the overall culture. And now, Futureverse, a company that does AI and metaverse projects, has joined forces with Warner Bros. Discovery to make a super exciting metaverse experience based on Ready Player One.

With a whopping global box office gross of $583 million, it has made its mark on popular culture. Josh Hackbarth, the Senior VP of Franchise Development for Warner Bros. Discovery, was truly excited about the partnership.

He said:

“We’re excited to be partnering with Readyverse Studios to introduce these unique characters, immersive environments, and more.”

He recognized Ready Player One as a total game-changer that has sparked inspiration for all sorts of innovators and creators.

Unlocking the metaverse: Ready Player One takes virtual reality by storm

Readyverse Studios has obtained exclusive web3 rights to bring the Ready Player One franchise into the metaverse. Although there is limited information about the specific details of the Ready Player One metaverse, the company expects to release it in 2024.

Ernest Cline, the genius behind Ready Player One, and Dan Farah, the producer of the 2018 Warner Bros. film adaptation, teamed up to create Readyverse Studios.

Readyverse Studios aims to build an open metaverse that encompasses multiple worlds and intellectual properties, inspired by the vast universe depicted in Ernest Cline’s novel and Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation.

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