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In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you visit a failed resort on Dondoko Island, where you can hunt down resources and engineer a comeback. Here is our guide telling you where to find the valuable Golden Shark on Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – where to find the Golden Shark on Dondoko Island

There are a lot of fish on Dondoko Island. A number of them are quite rare. The most precious of them all is the Golden Shark, which appears in only one location I have observed. To find the Golden Shark, fish from Splish Splash Bridge.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Dondoko Island Splish Splash Bridge Fishing For Golden Shark
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you plan to go after the Golden Shark, I suggest having a fully upgraded Harpoon. You have to hit the shark with several harpoons to bring it down, which is easiest if you’re able to react quickly.

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Splish Splash Bridge is the wooden construction connecting Gachapin Beach to the Lake island. You have to work on a lot of island expansions before you can access it. There is a point along the bridge where you can start fishing. A variety of fish circle in the water beneath you. A lot of those fish are pretty rare around the island. That fact makes this bridge one of my favorite fishing spots on the island.

Once you have been to the spot a few times, you should be able to spot the fish in the water. It has the largest of the possible silhouettes, and it swims in wide circles. The Golden Shark doesn’t appear every day. Don’t give up if you try and don’t catch one, however. I find the fish every third day or so, but your own luck may vary. You can sell it to Matayoshiya for enough Dodobucks to finance a lot of your activities on the island, especially once you have caught a few of the fish.

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